Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today's news

The US Supreme Court let stand a CA S. Ct. ruling in a dispute between winemakers over CA's labeling law. Last summer, the CA S. Ct. upheld a CA law prohibiting winemakers from using a regional name like "Napa" on labels unless 75% of the grapes in the bottle actually came from that region. The makers of "Two Buck Chuck," who were on the losing end of these rulings, plan to further challenge the CA law on other constitutional grounds.

Annette Haddad of the LA Times has this story about the case.

The US Supreme Court also denied review in a CA tobacco case. In 1999 a jury awarded $51.5 million to a smoker on the theory that Philip Morris had lied about the risks and addictiveness of smoking. After a long road through the CA courts, the award was ultimately reduced to $10.5 million. In September, the CA S. Ct. refused to overturn the liability finding. Yesterday, the US Supreme Court declined to review that ruling.

Myron Levin of the LA Times has this report.


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