Thursday, March 31, 2005

No New Opinions

No new opinions were filed today. It has been 10 days since the Court has filed its last opinion. Perhaps Monday will bring some action.

The Court granted review in only 3 cases in yesterday's conference. All 3 were criminal cases. The complete conference results can be found here.

The minutes from the Court’s last conference, on March 22, can be found here.
Interesting note: the Court granted Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky’s application to appear as counsel pro hac vice on behalf of Johnson in the case Johnson v. Ford Motor Co. (S121723), which will be argued on April 7th in the Court’s upcoming Los Angeles session. The issue in Johnson is whether CA’s measure of punitive damages can be based on principles of general deterrence of wrongful conduct and/or disgorgement of profits, or whether punitive damages are limited, by the US Supreme Court’s State Farm v. Campbell decision, to the amount sufficient to punish the tortfeasor for the harm caused to the individual plaintiff.

The Court will hear arguments in 12 cases in its Los Angeles session (April 6-8). The complete schedule of oral arguments can be found here.


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